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Brake Services in Valley Springs, Sioux Falls and Luverne

Getting your brakes checked thoroughly is not only an important part of regular equipment maintenance, it ensures your personal safety and the safety of others. The brake system on your equipment should be regularly inspected by a qualified repair specialist. BJM Enterprise INC. makes equipment safety our top priority and offers dependable brake repair, parts and installation for protection and peace of mind.

Auto Brakes

Complete brake servicing:

  • Front and rear brake pad inspection
  • Rotor and drum replacement
  • Brake Fluid test and change
  • Emergency Brake Repair
  • Repair to your emergency (parking) brake
  • Measurement for drum and rotor wear
  • Brake Pad installation
  • Rotor & Drum inspection and replacement
  • Top quality brand name parts

Brake Inspection and Repair

BJM Enterprise INC. maintenance and repair experts provide cost effective solutions for brake repair and services for any make and model equipment. If you hear a grinding or scratching noise when you hit the brakes, don't wait for the problem to get worse and much more expensive!

Brake Pads and Brake Fluid

Proper and timely maintenance for the brake pads on your equipment help to avoid premature replacement of the entire system and more costly repairs later on.

Do Your Brakes Need Replacing?

When it comes to the brakes on your equpment, you can never be too diligent. If you're someone who constantly drives with the music blaring, the air or heat on at full blast and the windows closed, you could be missing out on some discrete and vital signs alerting you that it is time for a tune up. The number one sign that your brakes need a tune up or replacement is the screeching sound they make every time your equipment comes to an abrupt halt. Usually it's hard to miss and you can even hear it through rolled up windows but if you are listening to music or the radio, you'll likely to miss it. Here are a few other signs to watch out for:

  • Equipment pulling to one side
  • Grinding sensation
  • Pulsating and vibrations
  • Loud growling noises
  • Brakes are slow to respond

BJM Enterprise INC. will investigate any of the above issues and proceed to do a thorough maintenance sweep. Without proper functional brakes, your equipment is a safety hazard and should not be on the road. Regular tune-ups will prevent these sort of issues from happening and add longevity to your equipment. If you don't want to end up spending countless amounts of money on repairs, or new equipment every few years, choose us as your company. We will make sure your equipment is running smoothly and those brakes are working perfectly.

Brake Maintenance

We install high quality brake systems and parts that meet the highest industry standards. Drop in or give us a call concerning any inquiries you have. We will happily discuss brake service packages, deals, promos and warranty plans with you.

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